Sunday, January 18, 2009

etsy team meeting on a snowy day

We had another meeting today for CREW. We talked about a lot of exciting things, and I'm really looking forward to moving ahead and planning some of these events!

Other than the meeting, I spent the day inside, pretending it had snowed more than the mere few inches, while I sewed and sewed and sewed. I've put a few more wallets together, but I can't finish them until I get the snaps I ordered from epicerma. They should come in the mail this week, and I'm excited!

This week I also received a vintage fabric lot that I won on ebay. So now I have a ton of materials, and I just need to get my goods stockpiled for the events coming up this spring! Got to sew sew sew. Unfortunately, living in an apartment building, I can't sew as freely as I'd like. Apparently my machine is too loud, so I have restrictions on when I can work. Which is really frustrating. But, that's the kind of obstacle one faces when not living in their own home... 

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