Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new projects and the CREW

Last night our etsy team was scheduled to have a meeting. I rushed out of work, knowing I would be at least 15 minutes late. I arrived at the coffee shop, and my new friend who wanted to join the team was waiting for me....and there was one team member sitting and waiting all by herself. I was really surprised that no one else showed up after about 10 of us specifically agreed upon the date and time at the last meeting....but the three of us sat there for over an hour talking about a ton of stuff, and it was actually really awesome and inspiring! I was happy to sacrifice my art-making time to chat with those girls!

Speaking of art-making time, I've decided to make a series of ACEOs, and I have 2 finished so far (sorry, no pics yet). I'm going to list them individually on Etsy, but note that they are a set of 8, and that if someone wants to purchase the whole set the price will be discounted. I had been looking around at some shops I admire, and I just decided to try some ACEOs. They are a great way to do a series and get your creativity flowing without having to commit to a full scale, ultra time consuming project. And they can be priced more economically than a larger work. And they look TOTALLY cute when matted and framed the right way.

I'll post some pics when I have a couple more finished. I'm hoping to work on them tonight for at least a couple of hours.


Blog Artists said...

Looking forward to seeing them!

LittleGemsbyKari said...

I had a lot of fun too!!! Def. glad I stuck around :)Can't wait to see the new work!