Friday, April 17, 2009

Featured Friday #6 birdapparel

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This week's featured shop is birdapparel. Anita's shop is based out of Toronto, and features handmade clothing and accessories that are unique, easy to wear, and VERY hip. And she'll even do custom orders! If you like what you see in her etsy shop, you can also check out her website at


Tell us who you are (name, location, affiliations, etsy teams, personal info)
My name is Anita. I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my husband and 2 kids. I started my Bird Apparel line a few years ago while I was home with the kids. I sell my clothing here on Etsy and in stores. My website is

Other than creating things for etsy, what do you do?
Apart from cleaning and laundry, I love to watch TV, listen to and dance to music, read and shop.

What first made you want to become an artist?
I don't really consider myself an artist or what I mean is that I don't really use that term to describe what I do. I create and sew clothing. I suppose clothing is like wearable art, but it's more functional to me. So what made me want to become a clothing designer? My grandparents used to make clothing for a living and I grew up around it. I learned how to sew at a young age and it's always interested me. I was never any good at music or sports, and I guess it's true what they say that there's always something you are better at than anything else and sewing was it for me.

Describe your creative process and the materials you use
I don't have any particular process. I'm usually working on 10 things at once and before I get one thing done, I've got another idea on the go. Generally, I buy the fabric first and then decide what to do with it later or when I need an outfit.

What handmade possession to you prize the most?
This is a tough question. Can I say my own stuff??? Okay, all the art that my kids create for me. They are amazing little artists and I'll use that term. They really do have some talent. So I'll hang onto all there work. You never know.

Top 5 websites you visit besides etsy?
My on-line banking, but I’m not giving you that link!

Any advice you have for new etsy users
Make sure you take great photos. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product is if your photos don’t show it.

What are your favourite features of etsy, and what new features would you like to see?
Favourite feature: I love the forums. What I’d like to see: Batch editing. For example, if I was having a sale and I had more than one of the same product, then I would like to be able to change both at the same time.

How do you promote your shop/work?
Well, I’m still working on this. I give out business cards, I tell everyone I meet, I’m active in the forums.

In ten years, where would you like to be?
Still designing clothing and enjoying it. Okay and maybe selling more, so I can get a real studio and get out of my cramped basement.

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