Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I missed mix tape monday yesterday due to a mini road trip, but last night I downloaded the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album called "It's Blitz!" And I've been listening to it all morning at work. I HIGHLY recommend it if you're in the market for some new tunes.

I also realized that most of the posts on here are strictly etsy or photography related, so I thought I'd give you a little about me with these ABCs:

A is for Age:- 28, as of april 6th!
B is for Beer of choice:- All of my favorites are Pilsners: Miller High Life, Brooklyn Pilsner, Brown's Pilsner....I've never met a pilsner I don't like!
C is for what you Can't wait for right now:- fun summer time things like hiking and going to Saratoga Race track, and BBQs!
D is for your Dog's name- Milo!
E is for Eggs - for breakfast I'll only eat them overeasy. But I'm also a Deviled Egg fiend!
F is for Favorite TV show at the moment:- Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! on adult swim
G is for Guy:- Mike's pretty cool.
H is for Home town:- Greenville, NY
I is for Instrument you play:- the only thing i've kept up with is singing, but in the past I've played flute, saxophone, piano, and guitar.
J is for favorite Juice:- depending on my mood this fluctuates between cranberry and orange.
K is for kids:- none. ever.
L is for Last food you ate:- Some of the left over Reese's Pieces Peanut butter eggs from easter. Now they are all gone. Back on the diet, strict-like.
M is for Marriage: -haven't done that yet.
N is for Name:- Crystal
P is for People you can't live with out:- My family and my friends!
Q is for favorite Quote:- "Her voice is like orange sherbet: cool, sweet, a bit old fashioned."
R is for biggest Regret:- I kind of regret going away to school in Boston, just because of the TREMENDOUS debt it put me in, but I can't fully regret it, because doing that made me who I am today.
S is for Something most people would be surprised to learn about you:- I hate scrabble with a firey passion
T is for Time you woke up today:- 9:10am
U is for UFO's - do you believe in them?:- leaning towards no, but I never count anything out
V is for Veggie you love:- avacado, cucumber, corn, summer squash, asparagus, sweet potato, tomato, asparagus....I love a lot of veggies!
W is for Worst habit:- procrastination
X is for X-rays you have had:- I have scoliosis, so my spine has been xrayed at least 4 times. I've also had my knee & ankle xrayed in jr high thanks to basketball injuries.
Y is for Yummy food you've had today:- well, i haven't had lunch yet, and those reeses pieces were actually kind of i'm gonna go with the oatmeal I had for breakfast!
Z is for Zodiac sign: Aries....though I act more like a Pieces...

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