Friday, June 5, 2009

Featured Friday: SouthernGirlFlorals

Tell us who you are:
My name is Lindsay and I live in South Texas. I design floral wreaths, arrangements and hair accessories. I am a part of the Design Style Guide Team and I have been selling my designs on Etsy for about five months now.

Other than creating things for etsy, what do you do?
I work part time as a nurse. Creating wreaths, arrangements and hair accessories is my hobby.

What first made you want to become an artist?
I would have to say the encouragement and support from my family. They believed in me and pushed me to be who I am today.

Describe your creative process and the materials you use
I draw my inspiration mainly from the different silk flowers that I find in the craft store. Sometimes I go in with an idea in mind and other times I see a single stem and it sparks an idea for the whole design. I love using different silk flowers, ribbon and anything else that might grab my attention.

What handmade possession to you prize the most?
My sister is an artist (and much more creative than me) and she painted a portrait of half of a tiger's face using acrylic paint on canvas, and I absolutely love it. The colors and attention to detail are stunning!

Top 5 websites you visit besides etsy?
1. - I love checking to see if I have any comments
2. - you can check your Etsy hearts and item views

Any advice you have for new etsy users
When you set up shop be sure to outline your shop policies page and your bio. Write a catchy shop announcement that is not too long, but not too short either. Work at making your photos pop! You want buyers to be intrigued with your pictures and want to click on them for more. And just don't give up; it may take a while before you get your first sale, but never give up!

What are your favorite features of etsy, and what new features would you like to see?
I love Pounce! I can just sit there looking at the undiscovered and just sold items all day. I don't know why! Overall I am very happy with Etsy - I wish that we could put our items in more than one category thought, that would be nice.

How do you promote your shop/work?
I have a blog which I post new items, I have a twitter account, but I really don't tweet that much. I spend some time in the Etsy forums. Whenever I make a sale, I usually include a couple of my business cards in hope that my customers kind of spread the word too!

In ten years, where would you like to be?
I would love to still be doing this - I am very happy right now. If my business takes off that would be great, but I would also be totally satisfied with selling a few designs here and there!

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