Saturday, June 20, 2009

i gave him my heart, he gave away my finger sweatband

Last night was one fiasco to the next. Starting with a flurry of misunderstood text messages that I had to have deciphered by boyfriend. Then deciding to try a tanning bed for the first time at the gym, only to have the person who signed up ahead of me hog the bed for 10 extra minutes. When I finally get in there and get undressed and get into the bed...the stupid girl at the counter hadn't set it properly and it wouldn't turn on. So I said "eff it." Got dressed and went home to shower. Then boyfriend called, he was out with friends, asking me to meet up with him. First was the lame ass beer-snob bar....boring. Then we went next door to the swanky cafe with a live "jazz" we walked in the door the 36 year old we were with said, "I don't know man, I feel too underaged for this place..." And he was right. Filled with weird older ladies at the of them being an old associate professor I had in school last year...weird. But it was cool hanging with someone we hadn't seen in a year, free drinks. Boyfriend gave away the finger sweatband we got from the quarter machine at the chinese buffet...guess we'll have to go back there and get another one now! The night ended with us on the couch watching Predator projected onto the wall, him saying every 2 minutes that it was the best movie ever, and tapping my head to make sure I was still awake...until HE fell asleep!

And thanks to My Name Is Michael for this cute blog award. I'm too lazy to pick out 15 people to pass it too.....oh, ok, I guess I'll do it:

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...ok, so it's not 15...and I'm not notifying you all because I don't like passing "chain mail"...but I just want you all to know you rock! And there are a bunch more out there who I read EVERY day and LOVE, but I'm too lazy to open my google reader to pull out more links. Sorry. It's the weekend, I'm allowed to be a little lazy!

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Anonymous said...

The movie part sounds like my boyfriend, and I would be soo mad if he gave away MY finger sweatband.