Thursday, June 11, 2009


The clouds have been gathering all day, and when I returned to the office from my lunch break I could feel the air becoming increasingly saturated with humidity. It's coming. Rain. And lots of it.

I have always loved rainy nights. Growing up, my room was on the second floor of our house and my favorite spring or summer night was always the night I could fall asleep to the calm drumming of the rain against the roof shingles.

Now a days, I live in an apartment building, with another unit on top of us instead of the rooftop. I miss being able to listen to the rain. Someday we'll have our own house, and I'll be able to enjoy the rainy nights again. Even though I can't enjoy them fully, I still get joy from rainy nights. Infact, when I know that it will rain all night, I get oddly giddy all day, anticipating the rain that will slow everyone down and wash the city clean.

When I arrived home on my lunch break, boyfriend was there going through his comic books, seeing if he has collected anything of worth over the years. He's hoping to sell a majority of these books this weekend at a yard sale, only holding on to a select few. The cats were spread out on the chair and couch, respectively. For a minute, I envied their leisurely lifestyle.

photo credit: Barb Henry via flickr

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our little love nest said...

I love rain too. We had a cabin we went to in the summer and I loved the sound of rain on the metal roof. I wish my husband would get rid of the 5 boxes of comic books we have stacked up in our attic. ;)