Thursday, March 26, 2009

in a funk

I think I'm getting depressed because I spend so much of my time doing things that don't make me happy. How do I know I'm depressed? Because we have a big even coming up the end of April, and I can't drag myself off the couch to make sure I have things stockpiled to sell. I can't motivate myself to sew, draw, or paint. And I can't even go out and play with my new camera because by the time I get out of work at 7, all the natural light is gone. And then I make things worse by going on etsy and reading all the "Quit Your Day Job" features. If it were just that easy. If I didn't have so much student loan debt dragging me down, maybe I would have a little more courage to make that leap. Time to go buy a lotto ticket!


LittleGemsbyKari said...

i hear ya, maybe sunday will help perk you up :) get you all jazzed for it again!

B said...

Yes, I'm keeping my hopes in the lotto too!

JMP said...

i'm excited to see what you have at TNO.

have you heard about Tight Knit? they're going to be holding an outdoor arts/crafts market every saturday this summer in troy.