Thursday, August 13, 2009

short letters

Dear Coffee,
I wish I could drink more of you, but I think my heart would explode.
Until tomorrow,

Dear Pandora,
Thank you for recommending that I listen to Owl City. They kinda-sorta fill the gaping void left in my heart for The Postal Service.

Dear Boyfriend,
Thank you for giving me a reason to not go to my part time job this Sunday. You know how badly I need a break. Let's cram a whole summers worth of fun into this weekend: tight knit, fair, lake, track, ALL of it!

-- Post From My iPhone

1 comment:

the Lost Earring said...

Hope I'm not intruding here :)

Cute little letters. Off to google Owl City (big Postal Service fan as well...anything involving Mr. Gibbard actually).

I just discovered Fleet Foxes. Good stuff :)