Friday, September 18, 2009

short letters

Dear Weekend,
Please be as fun as you've been promising, I'm counting on you!

Dear Cable Company,
Thanks for sending out an incompetent technician yesterday who didn't fix the problem, causing me to call you again and hand over my Friday afternoon plans to wait for another technician to show up. I'm thrilled, can't you tell? Fix my Internet already!

Dear Milo,
I'm sorry I haven't made it to see you in WEEKS. I miss my little pup! I'll see you soon.

Dear Mall,
I need the perfect dress for a November wedding, I hope you have it, I'll see you Sunday!

-- Post From My iPhone


Robbin said...

Dear Blogspot,

Thank you for providing an outlet for people to entertain me and make me giggle at work :D


Alix said...

What happened to Friday Features? :(